Information to our guests:


News from the Norwegian government 10.07.2020:
The government allows entry for persons residing in the Schengen and EEA area from 15 July - if the contagion situation allows it (you come from regions marked with green color - see map below).

From the same time, the requirement for entry quarantine for countries and regions with a satisfactory infection situation is removed. The region map for the Schengen and EEA area is updated today (10 July). Last update of map - press here.



Transit through Sweden with short stops does not trigger quarantine requirements.

For travelers residing in countries or regions within the Schengen / EEA with a high level of infection, or from countries that are unable to provide sufficient documentation on the infection situation, the rules on entry quarantine will also apply after 15 July.

For this group, there is a requirement for booking, or in writing, a continuous stay at one and the same registered address in Norway for the first 10 days in the country, or the period the person should be in the country if it is shorter than 10 days. The individual is obliged to familiarize himself with the Norwegian infection control rules. Information pages with more languages here:

The rules can be changed within 14 days and regions can be deleted or added to the quarantine list. This must be checked by the individual himself in order to avoid problems at the border.
The Institute of Public Health has been commissioned to create an overview of which countries and areas have a satisfactory infection situation. This will be updated every 14 days. Last update of map - press here.


Map updated 10.07.20:

2020-07-10 Norden og Europa .png


We try our best to help our guests and have decided to postpone the season till 31. October.


We will offer all of you that can come to booked stay to find a new date later this year and use already paid deposit/cancelling fee on the new dates.

We are not able to let you transfer deposit/cancelling fee paid for 2020 to 2021. If you are not able to come to booked dates or to postpone your stay, you have to use your travel insurance.

Those who have paid more than the cancellation fee will have this amount transferred for booking in 2021.
If you know that you cannot come to the booked period, it is worthwhile to contact us for new dates as soon as possible.