SIGHTS. Leka lies in Middle-Norway (Nord-Trøndelag county). A fantastic coast surronded of thousand of islands with lots of fish, birds and animals. The Island Leka is 57 km2. A trip around the island takes appx. half an hour by car (ca 28 km). It's lots of small roads and nice stops to examine. Leka has a special history and lots of interesting sights for visitors. A geology excursion route and other marked paths in a fantastic nature.
1. Solsem cave. The cave has approximately 4000 years old wall paintings. It has also been found rests of human beings and animals which indicates that the cave probably was used as a residence and a place for sacrifice.
2. King Herlaugs tomb. King Herlaug (about 870 A.D) would not surrender to the new king, Harald Hårfagre, and chose to be buried with 11 of his men. In addition to this big tomb, Leka has about 160 stoneheaps-graves.
3. Stone castles and caves. On top of "Steinstind" and "Mannatind" you can find rests of country castles from 400 - 600 A.D. You can find the grottos "Litj Bindalskjerja" and "Svartomnen" in Gutvik.
4. Lekamøya. Lekamøya is a well-known land-mark for sailors. Lekamøya is also known from the legend of "Hestmannen og de syv søstre".
5. Ørnerovet. The tree years old girl, Svanhild, was in 1932 caught by an eagle. She was later found alive on a shelf high up in the mountain.
6. Herlaugsdagene and outdoor play. Every July "Herlaugsdagene" are arranged. A lot of different activities take place - for instance an outdoor play "Eit spel om Kong Herlaug" and "L'Enfant de La Patrie". The French pirate ship "L'Enfant de La Patrie"hit ground and sank outside Gutvik in 1898.
7. Museum. "Leka bygdemuseum" has a rich selection of objects which show how people lived on Leka generations ago. You can also find a lot of objects from different wrecks found by divers.
8. Leka church. The new church was built in 1867. The altarpiece from the old church is probably a gift from princess Elisabeth made by a Dutch wood-carver in 1535.
9a. Leka Motell og Camping.
Leka Steinsenter - Geologiexhibition and souvernirs.
Peculiar stone cabins made of local stone for rental.
9b. Leka Steinsenter. Leka Stone Centre with exhibition of minerals and stones. Souvenirs and stone products for sale. Excursion guide 
10. Wrecks. Around Leka it is possible to dive on several wrecks. Several wrecks are only 10 to 30 m below the surface.
11. Skeisnesset Kultursti. Leka is the best place in the worlds to study geology. You can find a lot of different stones and minerals during a couple of hours march. In Skeisnesset you can find several marked paths.
12. Beach - bathing place.  
13. Guest harbour.  

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